Frequently Asked Questions

Our student/teacher ratio averages 6:1 and frequently becomes smaller throughout the day, especially on enrichment days.
School hours are technically 9:00am- 2:00pm, but we offer extra long arrival time (8:45am- 9:15am) and pick-up times (2:00pm- 2:30pm). This gives families more flexibility in planning their daily schedules.
Meadow Preschool only offers a 5 day per week option from 9:00am-2:00pm (with extended arrival and pick-up times as early as 8:45am and as late as 2:30pm), although parents may choose to send their children as much or as little as they desire.  Also remember the daily schedule includes a quiet time where children will have the option to nap. 

A nature-based preschool is one that uses the outdoors, nature, and natural materials as a regular focus in most activities. In addition, there is emphasis on teaching environmentally conscious practices. Most nature-based preschools are play based providing ample opportunities for child-directed explorations especially within nature.
At Meadow you will not find a typical climbing structure, but instead an ecological park blended from natural elements and landscape. Think back to your childhood and imagine digging in the dirt, rolling down hills, scrambling up rocks, making mud pies, damming up water, climbing trees, and planting seeds. These are the types of things that your child will experience at Meadow, a nature-based preschool.

No, we are open from September through mid-June and closed from mid-June through August.
In order to ensure serious inquiries only, there is a one-time non-refundable fee of $100 for each child, to be included with your application. (Twins and siblings only need to pay one fee).
All teachers are fully qualified, with either a college degree or numerous units in Early Childhood Education and years experience. In addition, ongoing education is required and supported financially by the school, as are NAEYC conferences and various workshops.
Yes, every year all staff members are required to complete or renew their CPR/First Aid training certification.
Parents are encouraged to begin toilet training before children start school, but we also recognize that it is an ongoing process that takes time. Each child is different and we are here to help him/her.
We recognize that separation is a very important part of the preschool experience for both parents and children. Therefore we implement several techniques to help ensure your child feels comfortable in her/his new environment. First, before your child begins his/her school year we invite your family for a second “tour” to meet our teachers, ask questions, get acquainted with the school grounds, and play. Second, we ask your help in assembling your child’s “family book” that will include pictures and information special to your family. This book will remain at school to share with friends and provide comfort if/when needed, and eventually it will turn into your child’s portfolio to take home at graduation. Next, your child’s teacher will arrange a brief (20-30 minute) home visit at a time convenient for you. This visit strengthens the teacher-child bond and is a useful separation tool. Lastly, some children still need a little more time to say their first goodbyes, so we ask that a parent or an important caregiver plan to be available for the first few days of school. Remember, after your child has become comfortable with separation then you are welcome to volunteer in the classroom too!
Email is our chosen form of communication due to its low environmental impact. In addition we have a secure parental portal on our website that contains teacher blogs, pictures, and information from your child’s group. Also teachers will post the “happenings” of the day on their personal white boards for your convenience and information.
Our teachers are available for meetings with parents as needed throughout the school year as issues arise. In addition to informal meetings, there are formal parent/teacher conferences held in February each year. The teachers also compile a portfolio for each child that contains documentation and photos taken throughout the year of your child’s growth in social, emotional, cognitive, creative, and physical areas. The portfolio becomes part of your child’s “family book” and can be viewed anytime throughout the year(s). Your child will receive their complete portfolio on their graduation day.
We hope to be able to offer financial aid to qualifying families beginning with the 2018-19 school year.

We will be raising money throughout the school year to benefit our financial aid fund.
Our “party book” is one way our families enjoy helping out. In the beginning of the school year some families volunteer to host a specific party of their choosing (i.e. pizza party for 10 kids, cookie decorating for girls, wine tasting for 20 adults, etc.). The money raised goes to our financial aid fund. At the same time families get to know each other at these fun social events.
Also we hold our annual adults only fundraising fiesta filled with tacos, margaritas, and fun for all!

At Meadow we provide a morning and afternoon snack that consists of all organic food (i.e. crackers & cheese, fruit & yogurt, etc.). Often children collect fruits or vegetables from our very own garden. And at least once a week they are able to help cook their snack as well.
Parents are expected to provide a healthy packed “trash-free” lunch for their children.

No, but there are ample opportunities for volunteering inside the classroom including: reading books, assisting with cooking activities, or helping with art projects. Also we welcome parents to share activities or traditions that are meaningful to your family. In addition there are many ways to volunteer outside the classroom too, like hosting a “party book” party or helping organize carpools.
At Meadow we believe participating in mixed-age play and group times creates an environment with richer opportunities for scaffolding and social-emotional development. As child development specialists we recognize that children learn most from peer interactions. While older children get the opportunity to become leaders and teachers, younger children are able to soak up new ideas and resolutions suggested by more experienced friends. Also we feel mixed-age play enhances our family-like environment. But, at times for certain age specific activities (i.e. special art project) we may break into smaller groups of similar age for a short part of the day.
We do not have a scheduled “naptime” at Meadow, but mats and couches are always available for children that want to lay down and rest. After lunch we usually have a quieter/calming activity available for the children to help them get through the day.

• Encourage and reward both families and staff members who choose to walk, bike, or carpool to school

• Practice and teach sustainable agriculture in our very own garden

• Serve only organic foods

• Require “trash-free” lunches and snacks

• Recycle and reuse materials as much as possible

• Landscape with drought tolerant grass and plants

• Communicate by email and limit distribution of printed materials

• Celebrate nature and much more!!!

Being a new school, Meadow does not yet have a history of Kindergarten attendance. However we have established working relationships with the admissions directors at many of the local private schools including: Curtis, Brentwood, PS1, Carlthorp, John Thomas Dye, UCLA Lab School, Seven Arrows, The Village School, Crossroads, Wildwood, Westside Neighborhood School, and more. In addition, we are parents, educators, and former students that have vast knowledge and experience navigating the West Los Angeles elementary school decision making process. Whether it’s questions about your local public school or assistance applying to a charter school lottery, we are here to help. We’ve been there, done that, and then some! Remember to relax, your child will find the right Kindergarten for him/her.