Our Philosophy

Meadow is a nature-based preschool providing a high quality program that emphasizes all aspects of a child’s development including: the social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and creative pieces. Each child is valued as a unique individual and is nurtured through each stage of development at his or her own pace. We recognize that children learn best through play, and that they come into this world with many different learning styles. Therefore, we provide a wide variety of activities (visual, audio, kinesthetic, etc.) in order to accommodate their various needs and interests. We embrace children’s natural sense of wonder and encourage imaginative reflection and self-discovery.

Together at Meadow, children learn how to share, negotiate, collaborate, and empathize, which helps build a strong foundation for life long problem solving and conflict resolution. Kindness and respect for everyone and everything is promoted in all aspects of our curriculum. We are big believers in the power of positivity and prefer to focus on children’s strengths in order to help foster high self-esteem. A sense of community is also very important to us, and we welcome family involvement in the hope of creating a collaborative environment where we can all learn from each other.

Our name “Meadow” is meant to inspire visions of open grassy garden-like areas surrounded by rich green foliage primed for exploration and discovery. We value nature and strive to provide truly organic experiences for the children both inside the classroom as well as in the outdoor environment.